Sunday, June 17, 2012


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Miss Em is in the last few big weeks of Cosmetology school (she's amazing people) getting ready to come rock the world of hair. On top of normal life, I am helping a family in our church with their store as the Dad is dying of cancer. And then Em and I are preparing for a big week long Girls Camp here in a few weeks NEXT WEEK (eek! That soon! I still have so much to do)!

Why do I tell you these things? So you don't leave this blog and never come back because postings are sporadic. We honestly do not have time to test new pins, or re-test old Pinstrosities to try and get them to work. We apologize whole heartedly. We love writing this blog and can't wait until we can jump back into it with both feet. So for the next few weeks we could really really use your help. If you have a Pinstrosity, send it our way (and remember, it doesn't have to be a can be something that you had to tweak to make work, or something that didn't work like it was supposed to but you were able to salvage it for something else, etc)! Don't have a Pinstrosity on hand? Test one out for us that looks like it might be sketchy. I know that doesn't sound very exciting, but it's actually quite fun. You'll feel like a Pinterest MythBuster!

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