Saturday, May 19, 2012

Gravity killed the Flowers

I had this pin on my To Test board, but Leanne got to it before I did! It looked so simple, I knew I'd mess it up somehow...that seems to be the way it goes with my projects often. It came time for Leanne to paint her chicken coop and she decided that this would look so cute out there on the wall. 

The Original Pin
As far as I can tell, this originated on the site Alpha Mom: 

Well...gravity is not our friend when it comes to soda bottle cherry blossoms. 

The Pinstrosity

When the first one ran down the wall, Leanne tried using less paint each time, but it just doesn't quite work. She says, "The only way that this works seems to be to puddle the paint in each blossom, while working on a flat horizontal surface. With only the very bottoms of the bottle wet, there are no blossoms, just marks that need to be washed off."

To fix this Leanne suggests just using a rubber stamp...less stress, less mess, and less for gravity to run with. 

Leanne later sent us a picture of how she saved the project by turning the soda bottle flower attempts into larger cute roses. Cutest chicken coop ever. 



  1. HAHAHA Marquette, I'm loving these. So funny. And such a good idea to do this Pinstrosity thing. I once saw a picture on the Fail Blog of something similar. It was a lady who made these fancy Cookie Monster cupcakes. When someone else tried to make them, they looked all floppy and the icing ran together and it was a disaster. Then above the picture of the bad cupcakes it said "NAILED IT." HAhaha.

    1. We love that picture! We've had it sent to us a few times, but never by the original person so we haven't posted it. I'm loving your blog by the way! Way to go on it! (Anyone reading this, you really should go check out Lauren takes everyday life and makes it hilarious. I promise it's worth a look).

  2. Or take the door off the hinges and use a flat surface

  3. i did this and it worked fine, of course thin wet paint will drip that is why the original pin was flat on a surface

  4. it's probably best if you do that horizontally instead of vertically...

  5. I did this on canvas with green paint instead (to make trees) and it worked beautifully. I tested it on cardboard first and it didn't work out as well. It probably depends on the surface you are doing it on.

  6. I did a form of this project with a classroom of 1st graders. They used the bottle and green Americana craft paint to make leaves on a tree. It turned out great!

  7. I did this in the daycare and it turned out great :)

  8. Yes...doing it on a horizontal surface is the only way to get this done as paint WILL drip. I did it on canvas with my 6yr old and we had to be VERY careful b/c even just a little movement would cause splatter around the canvas...perhaps letting the paint get a bit thicker would also make it easier.

  9. the original pin looks cheap to me

  10. LOVE the original pin. But this has to be done on a flat surface. You can see how thick the paint was in the first pin. She turned it around well though.


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