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Monday, April 9, 2012

MiO Ice Cube Mess

I've seen the "Rainbow Water" idea as a number of different pins and decided to give it a try. Everyone's drinks looked so fun and cool! 

The Original Pin
One mom just used food coloring to color the ice cubes, then put the cubes in a regular cup of water. Another mom froze Koolaid into cubes then put that in water. Another mom froze Koolaid into cubes and put them in lemon lime soda. 

I decided to make MiO ice cubes since we don't have Kool Aid in the house usually. I squirt a little bit of different flavors (to get different colors) of MiO in each compartment of the ice tray (since a little MiO goes a long way), then filled the tray with water. Once the cubes were frozen solid I plunked them in a glass and filled it with cold water. 

The Pinstrosity

Disappointment. This picture is taken probably about 60 seconds after I filled the glass. Those cubes melted SO fast! And there was only about 2 seconds of color layering before they all just blended together. The ice cubes melted a lot faster than normal and they all floated to the top, erasing any layering that went on. And as careful as I was to try and use just a little bit of MiO, it was WAY too strong. Undrinkably so. Perhaps next time I'll just stick to the original idea and do food coloring and water or Kool-Aid and Sprite and see how that works.



  1. I'm not sure the type of drink that you use makes a difference. I used 7up and mine still looked like the Pintrosity :(

  2. For the 4th I tried to do this for my 7 year old. A couple drops of red food coloring in some cubes, a couple drops of blue food coloring in some cubes and no food coloring in others. Layered the cubes and poured Sprite over them and I got... purple Sprite. I wasn't super surprised but my son was a little dissapointed to be drinking a "girl drink".

  3. just laughed out loud. love it

  4. You have to use Koolaid because it is FULL of sticky sweet sugar and that is what keeps it from melting right away. I tried it with 4 different Koolaid Cubes for my daughters birthday to drink with sprite and it worked great

  5. It also helps to have the drink you're pouring over the coloured ice to be really really cold, like almost frozen itself, so the ice doesn't melt as quickly while it cools the drink.

  6. I wonder if you could make small ice cubes, take them out of the tray, fill it back up with water, but those cubes in there and freeze again. So the colored ice is inside water so it'll have to melt a bunch before it turned your drink colors.

  7. i did this for my daughters 2nd birthday party and it worked great! i did kool aid ice cubes (which is not the easiest. very very sticky) and then i put them in sprite. looked and tasted great!

  8. I did this for the 4th of july and even put the picture on Pinterest. We used the "HI-C" Punch (blue raspberry and fruit punch) so we could have blue & red cubes. It worked out wonderful except for the cubes melting too quickly. I'd say in about 3-5 minutes the cubes were gone. It didnt turn purple though, mostly red, and because we used koolaid cubes instead of dyed water, the drink wasnt at all watered down. Delicious!


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